Turn-About Ranch Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Teens Featured on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil provided his viewers with an update on two troubled teenage girls who were out of control in every way. One girl had been placed under house arrest, while the other threw fits when she wasn’t able to manipulate her parents into giving her what she wanted. Both teens were rebellious and disrespectful, and both admitted that they had experimented with drugs and alcohol.

In order to get the family out of this “crisis situation,” Dr. Phil offered to send both girls to Turn-About Ranch, which he described as an “unbelievably powerful” therapeutic working cattle ranch in Utah.

Dr. Phil chose Turn-About Ranch because it provides troubled teens with “a safe, highly structured environment where there is extreme accountability.” The caring counselors at the ranch teach troubled teens to respect authority and accept the consequences of their actions, and show them the joys of becoming a working member of a team.

As she milked a cow, rode horses and bailed hay with the picturesque Utah ranch in the background, the featured student described the changes that have taken place during her stay at Turn-About Ranch:

“I’ve made such a change in my life and I’ve grown so much in the past three months,” she said. “On the path that I was headed down I was not going to get very far. I was either going to end up somewhere I didn’t want to be or probably even dead. … Being here helped me find happiness.”

After three months at Turn-About Ranch, the teenage girl made significant progress emotionally and behaviorally, and developed important life skills such as accountability, gratitude and a strong work ethic. Her parents now describe her as positive, happy, mature and responsible, and the ranch’s Executive Director Luke Hatch described her as a leader who takes pride in the work she does.

Because the girls’ parents needed more time to create a healthy, structured environment at home – and because both girls would benefit from continued support and structure – Dr. Phil offered to send the girls to long-term therapeutic boarding schools operated by Aspen Education Group. Though he gave the family time to think about his offer, he strongly recommended continuing care in the Aspen Education Group family of programs for both girls.

“God bless you for the work you do,” Dr. Phil told Patty Evans, the Chief Marketing Officer and Sr. Vice President of Business Development at Aspen Education Group. In parting, Dr. Phil also offered a personal thank you to all of the counselors at Turn-About Ranch for their patience and dedication to struggling teens and their families.